The Investment Game

Investment in the UK has become big business in the past few years. Just as the recession hit, the housing market began to plummet, after the highs of 2007, 2008 brought a sobering reality to the housing market and the global economy. However, as the economy begins to recover, property investment in the UK begins to become a more and more attractive place to invest, especially London.

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Where Should I Invest?

In the past decade, house prices have risen by 50%, with an increase of 7.6% in the past year alone. This means that if you have the money and want to be sure of a profit at the end, investing in London is a good bet. However, this does require a lot of capital investment and belief that the economy won't collapse anytime soon, which is hard to judge.

Where Else Can I Invest?

It's not just in London where house prices have begun to climb. House prices up and down the UK have begun to climb once again, it is estimated that over the past year, the average increase in house prices was a staggering 6.1%. This trend only looks set to continue, some people believe that house prices will actually outpace official forecasts of house prices.

What Next?

If you feel as if investing in regular or student properties is something you are interested in then now is the best time to do it, but to get the best deal and the best possible returns from your investments then be sure to act quick! House prices are only set to increase, and quickly at too.